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Virtual dentist

Play Virtual dentist

This time we let them operate a new game, it is a virtual game Dentist can not miss. You as good dentists should repair teeth of these patients before they fall and you end up spilling a lot of blood because they will lose. For this they have to their patients in their room and the need to address them in good shape equipment. The he . . . Play

operate eyes

Play operate eyes

Boys a new fun game and especially to operate, this time you can not lose this game to operate eyes safe will love to. If you always dreamed of being an excellent surgeon are the ideal game. Its mission is to perform precise operations very amaze that real eyes, they should choose their instruments ver . . . Play

Operate wounds

Play Operate wounds

Here we leave a new game from operate wounds that sure will love. The idea of ??the game is that you will become one of the best surgeons never seen before but that should do a varied amount of operations from a soldier with a wooden leg to neck surgery. Adding a lot of points and making the fewest mistakes will be a true leading surge . . . Play

Operate hearts

Play Operate hearts

Sure heart operations are among the most difficult and only the best can perform them. This time we leave a game of operate hearts that can not be missed if you want to be one of the best surgeons. Its mission is to perform the operations of these patients without having any problem and fulfill everything perfectly and we are facing . . . Play

Operate frogs

Play Operate frogs

Guys we leave a new game operate, this time a game of operating frogs that can not be missed. The idea of the game is that you are in charge of operating a frog, shall perform all the steps as if they were real veterinarians. Utilize the mouse to play the game and explains how to perform the operation. A very real and fun game that sure . . . Play

Hospital doctors

Play Hospital doctors

Guys can not miss this game Doctors Hospital that will love it. If you always dreamed of being doctors and have a lot of patients this is the ideal game. The idea is that you attend each of these incredible patients arriving at hospital, must first make them go through the office, then give them a bed and then serve them with med . . . Play

Operate in the operating room

Play Operate in the operating room

Another new game to operate and this time a game of operate in the operating room and sure will love. Its mission will be the manager of a surgeon in the operating room you started operating only a person and as you progress through the different levels operating more than one patient at the same time, care must leave all tran . . . Play


Play Skeletons

New and fun game to operate, this time a game of skeletons that can not be missed. Have fun assembling the skeleton of a human bone by bone but care time is running out. This game gives you the opportunity to have fun placing the bones in place and also to learn. Each bone has a name and is up to you the skeleton remains armed at the ti . . . Play

Give injections

Play Give injections

New and fun game to operate, in this case a game of give injections that can not be missed. As we all know before surgery should give anesthesia given by injection. In this game you will be the doctors who give the shot by simply pressing the left mouse button on the place marked the patient's body. To become the best doctor must go . . . Play

Heart transplant

Play Heart transplant

Funny and spectacular operate game, this time a new game from Heart Transplantation insurance that they liked a lot. You will be surgeons responsible for conducting transplant a patient's heart and then monitor their recovery. A very complete game that will steps of an operation in order to perform transplantation good way. De . . . Play

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